Connecting Kids With Awesome Big Brothers

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About MyManny.

John Brandon

John Brandon
CEO of MyManny

So what exactly is a manny? A manny isn’t simply a man filling a traditional female role. Having a manny is rather like having a private camp counselor for your kids. Mannies are awesome big brothers who are young, athletic, educated, and have a sincere desire to make a difference. At MyManny, we are changing the way people think about childcare. These days, parents expect more. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for second best. Our mannies don’t just babysit. They teach, mentor, tutor, coach, and inspire. Through our unique and rigorous vetting process, we hand select guys who embody our high standards of character, morality, and service. Whether you have full-time caregiving needs or just need an occasional babysitter, we want to come along-side you and be a part of your team. We created MyManny to make a difference. Our desire is to see young men step up and be role models for kids across the country. We are accomplishing our mission, one family at a time by building lasting relationships and providing the most outstanding, personalized care that you can’t find anywhere else. Your kids are your most prised possession and they deserve the very best.

Become a Manny or Hire a Manny.

How our process works.

Our Standard Service.

Post an opening

Post an opening.

Create a free profile and send out a job alert to mannies in your area.

Mannies respond

Mannies respond.

Your dashboard will begin to fill up with mannies who apply to your job.

You decide who to contact

You decide who to contact.

Pay $5 to release contact information for each manny and their references.


Our Agency Service.

Submit a request

Submit a request.

Provide basic information and a member of our team will be in touch with you directly.

We do all the work

We do all the work.

We select the best mannies, check references, and coordinate interviews with the family.

You make the choice

You make the choice.

Let us know who you would like to hire and we'll guarantee the placement for 3 months.